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About TechForGood

You choose. We donate. Together we create.

Our Why

The planet is in trouble.

Social and environmental crises are affecting all of us. The time to act is now. TechForGood is on a mission to turn E-Commerce into *B-Commerce.

We are an environmental and social benefit supplier. We use our revenue to empower changemakers and enable you to be part of that process.

*if you were wondering the B- in Commerce is what we do, we create benefit with every transaction.

How we create impact

Every time you make a purchase on our platform

We make a contribution on your behalf to address a social or environmental problem.

2% of our revenue is directed to social and environmental action.

But why do we do this?

The evidence is irrefutable. Social benefit businesses improve people's lives and create positive impact for people and planet. At TechForGood, we get out of bed every day to prove that not only is it possible to create sustainable, thriving economies, it is possible to do this AND address the environmental issues that affect us all.

It starts here ->

17 United Nations
sustainable development goals
a blueprint for collective action.

Simple things every business and individual on the planet can do to make a change.