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Did that simple 5 minute task really take 2 hours?

Our Microsoft 365 Cloud Support Service is designed to meet your needs and your budget.

How much does it cost Get in touch

TechForGood proudly offers a highly-subsidised IT support service tailor-made for our sector, to help you tackle your IT related issues and get the best of your M365 environment. With TechForGood's service desk, you can get the technology support you need and amplify your impact by letting us do your heavy tech lifting.

Support-as-a-Service Features

Accessible Tech Support.

Access our Self-Service Portal with your TechForGood support account. Here you can lodge new tickets, review or comment on existing tickets, or explore our extensive library of knowledge base articles.
Talk to a human, email us or use our self service portal.

Range of Coverage Options

  • Technical support via telephone with remote access options.
    Support as a Service 12x5 Business Hours (8am – 8pm)
  • Support as a Service 12x5 Business Hours
    (8am – 8pm) + W/Es (8am – 8pm)
  • Support as a Service 14x5 After Hours
    (8am – 8pm) + W/Es (8am – 8pm)
  • Support as a Service 24x7x365

Geographic Coverage

With our support staff located across the globe and support centres in Melbourne & Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Manila (Philippines) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), support cases are seamlessly transferred from one support center to the next, in a follow-the-sun method to ensure cases are rapidly resolved

What does Support-as-a-Service include?

Giving you the right support, at the right time. Helping you with the everyday issues and more complex problems. All for less than a dollar a day!

    • Updating/uninstalling & reinstalling drivers
    • Assist with Windows updates
    • Checking peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitors)
    • Disk space issues (cleaning drives, checking settings)
    • Display issues (can't extend screen etc.)
    • Setting default programs
    • Mapping network drives
    • Virus scanning and program maintenance
    • Wi-Fi troubleshooting
    • Password resets
    • Setting up email profiles
    • Troubleshooting send/receive issues
    • Repairing Office applications
    • License assignment in Admin portal
    • Creating user accounts on O365
    • Cleaning out outlook file, setting filters.
    • Troubleshooting syncing issues on OneDrive and SP
      Performance issues on O365
    • Assigning shared mailbox
    • Changing user details (contact information, setting aliases)
  • (Not covered by Support as a Service)

    • Onsite support
    • Server / Network configuration Managing
      Domains and Domain renewal
    • External vendor issues (ISP problems)
    • Windows re-image
    • Hardware and MFD setup and configuration
    • VOIP telephony backend support and config.
    • Network modem/router reset and config.
    • Azure environment configuration
    • Consulting services
  • Advice on

    • Exchange Admin Centre configuration
    • Adv Threat Protection configuration
    • MFA implementation & configuration
    • Setting up DMARC/DKIM on O365 with Partners
    • Configuring DNS records in O365
    • Spam filter configuration in Exchange Admin Centre
    • Setting up Online Archive in Exchange Admin Centre
    • Mail flow troubleshooting
    • PST file upload into Exchange Online
    • Teams admin centre configuration
    • SharePoint admin centre configuration